Evrostandart Ltd.
Ukraine, str Grekova 3, office 8

228-16-64, 453-96-05


About the company

Eurostandard company is the organization that was founded on the December 2006 and it is a representative of the company Resilux.
  Nowadays this firm can offer its clients the wide range of the preforms of all weighs and colours.
  Resilux is a company that was founded on the June 1994 with the headquarters in Vettern, Belgium.
   The main activity of the company is the production and sale of the plastic packing(preform).
   Resilux has the production not only in Belgium but also plants for the production of the preforms in the following countries: Russia, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, and the United States. 
   Resilux managed to obtain the world recognition and to become one of the leaders on the plastic packing market because of the high quality of the produced output and the leadership in the usage of the new technologies.