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Application of the PET – packaging

    PET preforms - this polymer billet, which are blowing through the PET bottle for packing of food and non-food and liquids, carbonated and non-carbonated products.

Raw materials for manufacture of preforms is a granular polymeric material - polyethylene (PET). In recent years, thanks to its properties, PET is widely used for manufacturing various types of packaging materials and packaging. The main advantages compared to traditional packaging materials industry, is the price point, weight, ability to reuse the material and packaging design (shape, softness, tightness, etc.).

By adding to the PET material of special additives can produce PET containers with special properties - high barrier performance (for oxygen and carbon dioxide), low levels of acetaldehyde, the high level of protection from UV rays, etc.

PET preforms are produced on automatic horizontal thermoplastic automated machines by injection molding.

The technological process for production of PET preforms provides trained PET raw materials, namely its thorough drying, as well as PET chips - hygroscopic material, and with the presence of moisture occurs destruction of the polymer. Polymeric materials are stored in silos, where a pneumatic system is transported directly to the drying bins and further processing equipment, which is produced preforms.

On the European market mainly uses 3 standard holes preforms:

- Standard DLS 28 mm "(from the English." Plastic Closures Only ");
- Standard "Bericap 38 mm" (the name of a company which has patented this design);
- Standard "BPF 28 mm" (from the English. "British Plastics Federation").

On the beverage market in Ukraine primarily uses two standard holes preforms: BPF (British Plastics Federation) and PCO (Plastic Closures Only).
Standard BPF is most prevalent in northern Europe, PCO - in the United States. British Plastics Federation - an organization which is responsible for the development and adoption of specific standards relating to plastic products, including packaging. So in Europe the standard BPF was more prevalent than the PCO.

                    Note: The figure shows a fragment of a drawing of modified neck BPF with relief suportnym ring. Dotted line marked by the standard configuration suportnogo ring neck BPF. Scale of 1:1. However, depending on the configuration of your monitor's picture may appear a little less or a little more than its size.

Both of these standards serve an important function - gazouderzhanie. From the perspective of gazouderzhaniya both standards are virtually identical. But the Standard PCO advantage is that it is easier to BPF. The savings when switching from PET in the PCO BPF ranges from 1 to 2 grams.